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Integrated signalling network monitoring solution

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AGILENT Technologies and Alcatel have released an integrated signalling network monitoring solution that combines traditional independent network monitoring with integrated link monitoring capabilities. The Agilent acceSS7 network monitoring system allows direct connection from the Alcatel 5070 signalling server global (SSG), saving time, space and money.

Until now, service providers have had limited choices to monitor SS7 network traffic. Conventional link monitoring solutions require deployment of multiple, expensive devices to externally probe network traffic. Alternatively, a signalling transfer point (STP) with a built-in link monitoring system provides only limited visibility into the network. Integrating monitoring data from the Agilent acceSS7 system and Alcatel STPs (with independent monitoring data from other vendors' STPs) provides full visibility of all SS7 protocol stack layers while eliminating the need for additional equipment for external probes.

The Alcatel 5070 SSG combines traditional STP functionality with advanced routing to support the expanding voice-over-packet and wireless markets. It provides increased levels of connectivity, capacity and expandability. It has traditional SS7 capabilities on a platform that also supports large-capacity services databases. It is an optimal fit in a legacy circuit-based network and delivers the capacity and interfaces to support the signalling gateway requirements of voice-over-packet and wireless networks.

The integrated monitoring capability uses Agilent's acceSS7 platform, which has been significantly upgraded to offer high-density processing that can simultaneously monitor signalling running on multiple technologies such as IP, ATM and SONET/SDH on both electrical and optical mediums. This platform is offered in a smaller chassis, reducing the need for central office space, power consumption and hardware support.

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