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Integrated optical chip test system

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced the Agilent OCT-4150 E2143A optical chip test system, a fully integrated test system designed for more efficient testing of planar lightwave circuits or photonic integrated circuits.

The solution's high-speed parallel alignment and measurement capabilities increase device throughput and improve manufacturers' yield by finding defects sooner.

The OCT-4150 increases bottom-line profitability by ensuring that only good devices are pigtailed and packaged.

Alignment and test sequences can be easily changed using Agilent's common software architecture integrated with an industry-standard test executive, allowing manufacturers to remain cost competitive while responding quickly to changing technological and market demands.

The Agilent OCT-4150 E2143A optical chip test system offers several benefits, including:

· Accurate and economical characterization of insertion loss, polarization dependent loss, and off-line spectral analysis;

· A polarisation extinction ratio (PER) sensor for transverse electrical/transverse magnetic (TE/TM) state of polarization at the input of the device;

· An industry-leading motion control platform with robust, accurate, high-speed positioning;

· Non-contact edge detection fiber sensors to protect the device under test;

· Z-cone fine alignment for high-speed connector quality alignment repeatability; and

· Flexibility -- the system's open software environment enables easy customisation for user-specific requirements.

Agilent also offers a pigtailed passive component test system and optical amplifier test system that complement the OCT-4150 to help manufacturers meet all of their functional test needs.

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