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Integrated modeling system for semiconductor devices

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AGILENT Technologies and Cascade Microtech have introduced an integrated 110GHz modeling system that provides measurement accuracy, dynamic range and high performance for characterising semiconductor device models in millimeter-wave applications.

This complete modeling system, controlled by Agilent's Integrated Circuit Characterisation and Analysis Program (IC-CAP), enables precision measurements up to 110GHz by combining the Agilent 85226A millimetre-wave modeling system with Cascade's Summit semi-automated 12000 or S300 RF/microwave probe stations.

The integration of Agilent's device modeling system, IC-CAP modeling software and Cascade Microtech's probing station provides engineers with an easy to use, high-performance measurement system that significantly improves design and characterisation productivity.

Easily interfaced with Cascade Microtech's probing systems, Agilent's device modeling systems provide engineers with everything from dc to RF measurement capabilities under continuous and pulsed biased conditions with accuracy and reliability.

The Agilent 85226A millimetre-wave modeling system includes a dc subsystem that offers fast and accurate dc measurements, and an RF subsystem that includes the Agilent 8510XF 110GHz network analyser system for high-frequency measurements.

The dc subsystem is combined with the RF subsystem through the 8510XF test heads that are positioned close to the probe tips to minimize RF losses.

The Agilent 85226A also features IC-CAP, an open-environment modeling software package that controls the system for automated measurements and performs data analysis, parameter extraction and optimisation.

IC-CAP also provides a parasitic connectivity correction (PCC) module that can accurately correct the dc losses incurred by the connectivity between the instruments and the devices.

This technique helps determine the actual bias signals applied at the device terminals and helps to ensure the accuracy of the bias dependent models.

In addition to this integrated modeling solution, Agilent offers other high frequency modeling systems, including the new Agilent 85225A performance modeling system using the latest performance network analyzers (PNAs).

Standard and custom configured systems are available for a wide range of frequencies from 0.045 to 50GHz. These systems offer high dynamic range, very low trace noise and fast measurement time.

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