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Integrated distributed temperature sensing (DTS) system

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AGILENT has entered the distributed temperature sensing (DTS) market, helping oil and gas industry to increase production yield.

Today's oil and natural gas industries are fighting decreasing reserves and increasing demand. To optimise production rate and reservoir recovery levels, real-time understanding of the production dynamics is needed. Analysing the well temperature profile provides these insights.

In the downstream process modern pipeline management needs to assure pipeline integrity by immediately detecting leakages, which are generally identified by cold and hot spots along pipelines using temperature sensing technology.

As a market leader in photonic testing, Agilent has entered the DTS market with the industry's most reliable, integrated fibre-based DTS system.

The rugged, rain, dust and heat resistant outdoor DTS Series enables immediate detection of a leak at its exact location and provides the capability to monitor the entire downstream process at once.

The new system provides:

* A complete temperature profile across distances up to 8km, with a spatial resolution of less than 1m.

* A temperature resolution of less than 0.01°C, or 0.02°F.

* Cost-effective pipeline and well monitoring through simple network integration, without the extra cooling or building requirements of traditional monitoring solutions.

* Real-time data for leakage detection.

* Sensitive well analysis over long periods through extremely high measurement repeatability.

Agilent has also announced the N4385A indoor DTS with the same superior reliability to monitor temperature over long distances.

The N4385A targets applications such as:

* Fire security systems, which demand highly reliable and fast heat detection, particularly in hazardous environments like tunnels, cable trays and mining.

* High-power-cable monitoring, where detection of hot spots helps determine the operational status, condition and circuit rating of power cables to optimise transmissions and distribution networks.

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