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Infra-red financial messaging software

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article image Alternative to swiping a card.

AGILENT has introduced software that is compliant with the Infra-red Data Association’s (IrDA) infra-red financial messaging (IrFM) Point and Pay Profile version 1.0.

IrFM is an alternative to swiping a credit card through a terminal to pay for goods. The user wirelessly sends credit or debit card information from their mobile phone or PDA to any vending machine, tollbooth, fuel pump or ATM equipped with an IR port.

IrFM simplifies financial transactions for consumers while providing security for credit/debit card transactions. It is currently available in Korea and Japan. Consumers receive a digital receipt of their transaction from their mobile phone service provider. IrFM also helps reduce the cost of card replacements due to loss, theft and wear.

Agilent's HSDL-S500 IrFM software protocol stack provides application program interface functions for easy interfacing. It has a small code size that minimises the use of valuable memory in handheld devices. It is easily portable between platforms, saving time and resources. It also has An interface to standard IrDA protocol stacks.

Agilent also offers several miniature SIR (serial infrared) transceivers with a height of 1.6mm, which is suitable for IrFM applications in thin handheld designs.

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