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Industry’s smallest reflective optical encoders

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced the industry's smallest surface-mount reflective optical encoders for use in a wide range of consumer, office and industrial automation applications.

The Agilent AEDR-8300 series encoders are 45% smaller than the industry's current smallest encoder. Their miniature size and surface-mount packaging make it extremely easy for design engineers to incorporate these devices into tight spaces. Possible applications include the inside of a motor case in a copier or directly on a printed-circuit board for storage devices, digital cameras, printers, as well as automotive applications, including seat adjust and mirror control. The encoders offer a wide operating temperature range (-20°C to 85°C), enabling them to work in high-temperature environments.

The reflective encoders consist of an LED light source, a special photodetector IC with integrated electronics and optics. They can be used with a reflective code wheel to sense rotary position and velocity, or with a linear code strip to sense linear position and velocity. The devices provide either one or two-channel TTL-compatible digital outputs in quadrature, which provides both count and direction information.

They are available with encoding resolutions of 7.09 lines/mm, 5.91 lines/mm, 2.95 lines/mm and 1.42 lines/mm. The encoders use identical pin-outs for 5.91 and 2.95 lines/mm, providing backward compatibility. They are insensitive to axial play and maintain performance and accuracy over a wide variation in the gap between sensor and code wheel or strip.

Agilent's reflective encoders are supplied in a solder-bump (similar to a ball-grid-array) SO-6 lead-free package with overall dimensions of 5.12mm length x 3.96mm width x 1.63mm height. By comparison, the Agilent HEDR-8000 series in the SO-8 package has total dimensions of 5.08mm x 6.2mm x 3.18mm (including leads).

AEDR-8300 series reduces the overall area required on a printed circuit board by 30%, which reduces system cost. The surface-mount IC configuration is specifically designed for automated assembly, and the solder-bump design provides for self-alignment on PC board solder pads. The encoders operate at rated performance for frequencies up to 30kHz.

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