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Increase productivity -- lower development costs

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AGILENT Technologies has announced design verification application support to help electronic and wireless communication companies get products to market faster.

Agilent claims it is the first company to integrate electronic design automation (EDA) software with test instrumentation to offer new "connected solutions" applications.

Connected solutions increase productivity and lower development costs by enabling companies to use existing investments in Agilent Advanced Design System (ADS) software and test instrumentation to verify designs earlier in the design process.

Integration of Agilent ADS software and Agilent test instrumentation provides new measurement-based modeling, verification and debugging capabilities that are not possible using EDA software or test instruments alone.

Common algorithms are used to provide consistency between ADS simulation results and test measurement results. Agilent connected solutions can offer an improved and consistent user interface across Agilent ADS software and instrumentation to minimise user ramp-up time.

Agilent's connected solutions combine Agilent ADS software and Agilent test instrumentation, as well as ADS/instrumentation connection managers, software application guides, and application notes in a flexible manner to support design and verification applications such as:

* Measurement-based behavioral modeling, which creates simulation models from measurements that can provide faster simulation speed, enhanced convergence, and compactness; and

* Microwave system and component verification, which takes the concepts of the RF-based verification solutions currently available and applies them to microwave applications.

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