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IR transceiver enables PDA remote capability

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AGILENT Technologies has announced the industry's first infrared (IR) transceiver to combine IrDA (Infrared Data Association) compatibility with infrared remote control operation.

The release of the Agilent HSDL-3002 allows manufacturers to enable consumers to use handheld PDAs and mobile phones to activate and control, at a distance of up to six metres, consumer appliances such as home entertainment systems, DVD players and almost anything else using an infrared remote control.

The new IR transceiver also offers an extended IrDA short-range link distance of up to 50cm as opposed to the standard IrDA low power specification of 20cm to 30cm.

This allows the PDA or phone to transfer data, such as "point and pay" infrared financial management (IrFM) transactions, business cards, messages or files, over an increased, more convenient, distance.

"Most of today's PDA designs already have the hardware capability to record and transmit remote control signals," said Kee Hane Ngoh, operations manager of Agilent's Infrared Products Operation.

"This two-in-one transceiver technology provides manufacturers with a way to substantially increase the value of their products at very little additional cost."

The Agilent HSDL-3002 IR transceiver is offered in an 8-pin, low profile surface mount package, with dimensions of 2.7mm (height) by 9.1mm (width) and 3.65mm (depth).

It is fully compliant with IrDA Physical Layer 1.4 low-power standards and operates at serial infrared (SIR) data rates of 9.6kb/s to 115.2kb/s.

The IR transceiver's remote control feature operates at a wavelength of 915nm to 965nm, providing a link distance up to six meters.

The IR transceiver is specifically designed for low power consumption. Its shutdown current of just 10 nA helps extend battery life in mobile devices.

Even during higher-power remote control operation, the HSDL-3002 IR transceiver is compliant with the IEC 825-Class 1 Eye Safe Standard.

Infrared radiant intensity can be hazardous to the human eye if it does not fall within specified safe limits, and a warning label is mandated if a product fails to meet the IEC standard.

All Agilent IR transceivers are IEC 825-Class 1 compliant.

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