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High-power optical head and sensor

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced the industry's first optical power head and sensor that enables optical component designers and component manufacturers to measure optical power levels up to +37dBm quickly and with complete accuracy.

This is expected to help the optical R&D and component manufacturing industries increase profits by significantly reducing the cost of test.

The Agilent 81628B high-power optical head also enables fully traceable measurements within a wavelength ranging from 800nm to 1700nm.

This feature, together with the fast and accurate measurement of optical power levels up to +37dBm, reduces test time, increases yield and accelerates time to market.

The optical head combined with integrating sphere ensures safe and flexible operation. The sphere can be rotated to optimise the input port position and allows almost any connector to be safely connected with the input port.

The Agilent 81630B high-power optical sensor, part of Agilent's multimeter platform, allows measurements up to 28dBm with a wavelength range of 970nm to 1650nm.

This rack-mountable module can be inserted into the Agilent 8163 mainframe for a compact, high-power measurement solution.

The high-accuracy and low-polarisation dependent loss values greatly reduce test times and make the power sensor an ideal tool for high-power measurements. Agilent 03 9210 2824.

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