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AGILENT Technologies has released a new family of mixed-signal oscilloscopes (MSOs). The Agilent 54830 Series Infiniium MSOs allow R&D engineers to easily view up to 20 time-aligned (4 analogue + 16 timing) signals on one instrument, thereby helping to simplify analysis and speed the development of new products.

The new MSOs, which include Agilent MegaZoom deep-memory technology, complement Agilent's current line of oscilloscopes and extend the company's MSO position into the high-performance market by incorporating a combination of advanced measurement features and performance functions critical to today's R&D environment.

The three new MSOs and three digital storage oscilloscopes (DSOs) in the 54830 Series are designed for R&D engineers in the computer, communications, government, defense, instrument manufacturer and semiconductor industries.

The instruments' deep memory enables users to observe long serial data streams with high resolution or to find details buried in complex waveforms.

The Infiniium MSOs also help reduce cost of test and time to market by incorporating 16 channel logic timing analyser capability in a single instrument.

Agilent's new 600MHz to 1GHz scopes complement the Agilent 54640 Series of 350/500MHz DSOs and MSOs introduced in April and enable Agilent to offer a full line of 15 MegaZoom deep memory oscilloscopes from 60MHz to 1GHz.

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