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Handheld analysers can be remotely controlled by Apple devices

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FieldFox handheld analysers, available from Agilent Technologies can now be remotely controlled via Apple iOS devices such as an iPad or iPhone.

New features in the FieldFox handheld analysers also include a spectrum analysis time-gating option and support for Agilent's USB peak-power sensors, providing engineers the precision and flexibility required to more easily and quickly test their RF communications infrastructure.

FieldFox's remote control capability, Option 030 enables viewing and control of the instrument via the Remote Viewer iOS application. With a wireless LAN or cellular broadband data connection using an iOS device, the FieldFox analysers can now be placed in areas where users do not wish to stay long due to harsh or unsafe conditions. Additionally, if one technician or engineer has trouble making a measurement or determining the source of a problem, another can step in to remotely troubleshoot and solve the problem.

Once the Remote Viewer is launched, users can easily access FieldFox demo videos and technical literature such as user guides, application notes and datasheets, enabling engineers and technicians in the field to quickly find the data they need to resolve network issues as they arise. Access to this information also makes the app ideal for training and educational purposes.

The Remote Viewer iOS application can be downloaded from the Apple app store for viewing.

Spectrum analyser functionality

FieldFox's new spectrum analysis time-gating function, Option 238 is specifically geared towards engineers testing the pulse characteristics of their radar systems. FieldFox's time-gating function allows users to view both frequency and time domain at the same time, and can measure very narrow pulses (less than 1us wide) with sweep time as small as 8us. Enhanced trigger functions further ease the signal-measurement challenge.

USB peak-power sensor support

Required to test pulsed transmissions, peak power measurements using FieldFox's power meter Option 302 enable engineers to measure peak and average power to 18 or 40 GHz. Supporting Agilent's USB peak-power sensors, the power meter offers the same accuracy as measurements obtained using traditional peak-power meters. By extending FieldFox's frequency to tackle measurements in the 40 GHz range, the power meter option is well suited for radar engineers maintaining and troubleshooting radar communications equipment and networks.

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