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Handheld RF spectrum analyser from Agilent Technologies

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Test Instrument Offers Best-in-Class Performance, Usability for variety of industry Applications.

Agilent Technologies has introduced handheld RF spectrum analyser. Featuring best-in-class performance and usability from 100 kHz to 3 GHz, the Agilent N9340A is ideal for installation and maintenance customers in a variety of industries, including wireless service providers, aerospace/defense, spectrum management authorities, and television and broadcasting.

Spectrum analysis is fundamental to RF testing and signal characterisation, but engineers and technicians do not always have the benefit of full development laboratory facilities or a manufacturing environment in which to work. The N9340A is an ideal choice for a portable, high-performance, basic and affordable spectrum analyser.

According to Agilent, being one of the premier measurement companies, it is well known for accuracy and high reliability in its test instruments. Customers are assured of quality products supported by Agilent's service worldwide. The high performance and reliability of the N9340A will help customers stay ahead of their industry.

Effective and efficient testing with good performance.

With more wireless devices on the market requiring greater bandwidth usage, the ability to discriminate between different signals becomes more challenging. The Agilent N9340A is designed to address this demanding environment with sensitivity and selectivity specifications. The DANL is -124 dBm with preamplifier off, or 144 dBm with preamplifier on (30 Hz RBW, 10 MHz less than fc, less than or equal to 1.5 GHz). The phase noise is -87 dBc at 30 kHz offset.

The combination of DANL and RBW, with faster sweep time and good usability enable the Agilent N9340A handheld spectrum analyser to provide a good balance of price and performance for a wide range of RF field test use.

Additionally, the Agilent N9340A supports one-button measurements of occupied bandwidth, channel power and adjacent channel power ratio. This virtually eliminates setup time in the field.

The Agilent N9340A has been optimised for field use with these features:

As with all the new Agilent portable field testers, operating under bright sunlight or other challenging natural lighting conditions is no problem. The larger-than-usual 7.2-inch (18.3 cm), transflective color LCD provides a high-resolution display with a clear, bright trace.

There is no requirement to operate the tester in the shade.

Four hours of battery operating time eliminates the need for carrying additional batteries or recharging.

The graphical user interface supports 11 languages, allowing for easy operation in the native language. The languages supported by the Agilent N9340A are Chinese (traditional and simplified), English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

PC remote control is provided through the tester's USB interface, and the PC software allows users to control the spectrum analyser, even in the middle of instrument operation. The user can conveniently generate, edit and print reports.

USB memory-stick support allows users to easily gather measurement data and transfer to a PC for reporting.

Weighing 3.5 kg, including the battery, the Agilent N9340A is convenient for operation in the field, and the ergonomic soft carrying bag makes it easy to transport.

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