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Four-port, 20GHz network analyser

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article image Calibration can be performed ten times faster.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced its 4-port, 20GHz vector network analyser that offers the best combination of speed and accuracy for measuring multiport, balanced components such as filters, duplexers and RF modules.

Agilent N5230A PNA-L network analysers (options 240/245) enable RF and microwave engineers working in wireless communications, WLAN, signal integrity, and aerospace and defense markets to quickly characterise components, helping reduce the cost of test and increase production throughput.

The 4-port PNA-L offers low trace noise (as low as 0.005dB rms at 100kHz bandwidth) and high dynamic range (up to 120dB at 2GHz), which provides engineers with greater accuracy and repeatability to minimise measurement uncertainty.

In addition, Agilent's optional electronic calibration (ECal) module, a precision, single-connection calibration technique, enables engineers to perform fast, repeatable and highly accurate calibrations.

With ECal, full two, three and four-port calibration can be performed 10 times faster than mechanical calibration.

The 4-port PNA-L's automatic port-extension feature automatically measures and corrects for fixtures, making measurements of in-fixture devices simple and accurate.

Traditionally, engineers used port extensions and made fixture corrections manually, hindering test flow and increasing the chance of inaccurate characterisations. This new feature also corrects for a fixture's insertion loss to further improve accuracy.

Available options include a configurable test set that provides flexibility for measurement applications such as high power measurements, frequency-offset mode for mixer and amplifier measurements, and time domain analysis.

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