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Fast detection of combustible gases

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced the 3000 Micro GC, an enhanced version of its Micro gas chromatograph, and an indispensable tool for mining companies who want to determine the presence of gases indicative spontaneous combustion in enclosed coal mines.

Only a gas chromatograph is capable of detecting the presence of these gases including hydrogen, ethylene, ethane, and carbon monoxide.

Unfortunately, the fragility and lengthy analysis time associated with conventional systems make them less than ideal for use in rugged, remote sites such as mine sites.

The Micro GC’s fast speed of analysis, rugged design, small size, and simple operation make it suitable for use by non-skilled users in remote locations far away from laboratories.

The 3000 Micro GC produces results in 2.5 minutes or less; 10-20 times faster than conventional systems. However, the new modular design and ethernet (LAN) connectivity makes remote supportability and use even more straightforward than before. Agilent 1800 802 402.

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