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Enhanced high performance spectrum analysers

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AGILENT Technologies has introduced two optional enhancements that broaden bandwidth and analysis capabilities of its PSA Series high-performance spectrum analysers for designers of WLAN, satellite communications and radar systems, as well as amplifiers for 3G wireless systems.

The enhancements include a digitiser that enables signals up to 80MHz bandwidth to be captured and digitised with precision.

Internal software enables flexible, detailed evaluation of digitally modulated signals to be performed within Agilent's PSA spectrum analysers for the first time.

The 80MHz bandwidth digitizer increases the digitised bandwidth of the Agilent E4440A 26.5GHz spectrum analyser from 10MHz up to 80MHz to meet the increasing bandwidth needs of communications and radar systems.

For example, WLANs currently require a measurement bandwidth of at least 20MHz, and commercial satellite communications systems often operate in 72MHz bandwidths.

In addition, when performing ACPR (adjacent channel power ratio) testing on four W-CDMA channels, bandwidth of at least 60MHz is required.

In addition to providing wide bandwidth capability at frequencies up to 26.5GHz, the E4440A with option 122 provides a higher level of performance over 80MHz than any other wideband digitiser available, with the industry's broadest dynamic range, excellent amplitude and phase response, and low phase noise and instrument noise floor.

This results in an error vector magnitude (EVM) measurement capability lower than any wideband digitiser Agilent has ever offered. EVM is a key specification for modulation quality of WLAN and W-CDMA systems.

The digitiser performs a wide array of digital signal processing (DSP) functions that provide powerful, real-time analysis capabilities such as built-in calibration with real-time corrections of the I/Q data, frame trigger with fast hardware averaging, deep capture memory and arbitrary resampling with decimation.

Captured signal data can then be analysed with the Agilent 89601A VSA (vector signal analysis) software so engineers can determine the cause of even the most difficult wideband modulation problems.

The flexible digital modulation analysis measurement personality integrates demodulation software into Agilent's PSA Series of high-performance analysers that support a wide variety of communication formats.

The flexible digital modulation analysis tool helps engineers design, troubleshoot and verify wired and wireless digital modulation schemes from non-standard, non-cellular and next-generation communication systems to the most popular cellular communication formats such as W-CDMA or GSM.

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