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Enhanced bandwidth oscilloscope

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article image Oscilloscope bandwidth now 7GHz.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced an enhanced bandwidth (EBW) option for the Agilent Infiniium 54855A 6GHz oscilloscope that allows engineers to increase the oscilloscope bandwidth to 7GHz.

When combined with the Agilent 1134A InfiniiMax probe amplifier and E2677A solder-in differential probe head, the system is the industry's first to enable real-time, high-impedance 7GHz measurements.

The ability to make high-impedance measurements and probe multiple locations on a device under test is required for system debug, characterisation and optimisation of new high-speed digital product designs in the computer, communications and semiconductor industries.

The EBW option also allows engineers to reduce overall measurement system noise by lowering the oscilloscope's bandwidth for improved accuracy and repeatability.

Agilent's proprietary digital signal processing techniques allow engineers to take advantage of the fundamental trade-off between bandwidth and system noise to optimise the measurement capability of the oscilloscope for specific measurements.

Until now, engineers performing frequency domain analysis or measuring signals with low signal amplitudes had no simple method to reduce noise levels for a given bandwidth, single-event signal.

The high-bandwidth, Agilent InfiniiMax 1134A active probe amplifier with a differential solder-in probe head can match the 7GHz capability of the new EBW option by providing a typical measurement bandwidth of 7GHz to the solder-in probe tip.

These flexible probe tips can be re-soldered from location to location, or multiple probe tips can be used on a single device under test.

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