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Digital multimeter increases measurement speeds

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AGILENT Technologies Inc. has released its expanded family of digital multimeters/voltmeters.

The Agilent 34410A, 34411A and 34405A represent the widest selection of price and performance in Agilent's popular digital multimeter line, expanding on the success of the industry-standard 34401A.

The Agilent 34410A and 34411A 6.5-digit multimeters provide greatly improved reading speeds and system throughput, up to 50X over the 34401A.

Digital multimeters are frequently used in aerospace, consumer electronics and communication test.

The Agilent 34410A and 34411A offer expanded connectivity with USB, LAN, and legacy GPIB and are designed to comply with LXI Class C. They also offer more measurement functions, expanded measurement ranges, more precise triggering and greater reading memory of up to 1MB.

The Agilent 34405A 5.5 digit multimeter offers a new level of performance in its category, plus PC standard connectivity.

The Agilent 34410A is a 6.5-digit, dual-display, benchtop and Agilent Open System digital multimeter. It features 10,000 readings per second at 5.5 digits, DCV, ACV, DCI, ACI, resistance and frequency, in addition to capacitance and temperature. It has data logger capability with 50K readings storage, LAN, USB and GP-IB connectivity.

The Agilent 34411A is a 6.5-digit, dual-display, benchtop and Agilent Open System digital multimeter with enhanced performance over the 34410A. Additional features include 50,000 readings per second at 4.5 digits, 1MB of reading memory, level triggering and pre/post triggering.

The Agilent 34405A is a 5.5-digit, dual-display, benchtop digital multimeter with standard PC I/O. It is expected to be available in early 2006.

Agilent's digital multimeter/voltmeter family is a versatile line-up, featuring laboratory accuracy and incredible system speed.

Each delivers dependable results and offers convenient features that minimise test and troubleshooting times:

* Digitised ac - Better accuracy at low and high frequencies.

* Data logging - Standalone, easy to use, faster, with storage of 50,000 readings in non-volatile memory.

* Peak detect that can measure down to 20μs - High acquisition speeds, allowing users to catch the peaks that normally are missed using previous-generation instruments.

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