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Diagnostic tool for packet-based devices

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AGILENT Technologies has announced the first commercially available automated diagnostic tool for packet-based devices, such as cable modems, storage area networks (SANs), switches, routers, base stations and network devices.

Agilent Fault Detective for Data Communications (FDDC) features software and services designed to help network equipment manufacturers (NEMs) and test developers more efficiently repair functional test failures in packet-based devices.

Agilent FDDC provides a standard and consistent process and tools for diagnosing the causes of corrupted packets, enabling manufacturers to save time and reduce costs.

It uses live packet streaming to automatically diagnose single and multiple point faults and intermittent failures occurring during the stress test of network devices.

Boards that previously took days or weeks and numerous attempts to fix now require only one or two attempts. FDDC's dynamic diagnostics shorten the time needed to gain network insight, enabling users to quickly identify and act upon sources of failure.

Agilent also provides standard tools and a methodology for documenting a device's packet flow and data registry.

This enables R&D engineers to better understand the depth of diagnostic capability and degree of fault isolation available in manufacturing and to plan for the testing and diagnosing of devices early in the design process.

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