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AGILENT Technologies has introduced an addition to its RF Design Environment (RFDE) that offers full-wave electromagnetic (EM) modelling capability for RF and mixed-signal design within Cadence Design System's Virtuoso custom-design platform.

Agilent RFDE Momentum enables fast, accurate electromagnetic modelling to help engineers in the communications industry increase productivity and speed development of wireless and wireline products.

Physical-level analysis of integrated circuits (ICs) is typically performed with resistor-capacitor extraction technology, which provides rules-based modelling of parasitics for an entire IC.

RFDE Momentum allows cadence users to perform more accurate full-wave EM modelling on select Virtuoso cells, as well as physical verification of critical passive nets.

RFDE Momentum works with existing RC extraction tools, helping to add accuracy to critical design nets where failure can damage an entire process run.

Agilent RFDE Momentum uses planar EM simulation technologies found in Agilent's Advanced Design System (ADS) Momentum EM simulator to enable full-wave as well as quasi-static modelling, adaptive mesh refinement and dc-point generation. These technologies work together to provide fast and accurate EM modelling.

Agilent RFDE electronic design-automation software environment tightly integrates RF simulation technologies from Agilent's ADS into the Cadence Virtuoso custom design platform.

RFDE Momentum is a robust and seamless integration of EM modelling technology into the Cadence Virtuoso custom design platform.

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