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DVI software for scopes and probes

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article image Cut test times from hours to minutes.

AGILENT Technologies has announced a digital visual interface (DVI) application for use with its four-channel, 4GHz and 6GHz Infiniium digital storage oscilloscopes and InfiniiMax active probing solutions.

The N5394A electrical performance and compliance application helps design engineers reduce compliance test times from hours to minutes, lowering the cost of test, decreasing manufacturing risks and speeding products such as computers and peripherals to market.

The N5394A gives engineers insight into their designs quickly, helping to ensure their designs will meet the DVI specification before final products are sent to independent compliance test labs.

For example, the data eye mask test procedure, which can take more than 30 minutes per data channel to configure, can be done in less than five minutes using Agilent's compliance test software.

The DVI specification provides a high-speed digital connection for visual data types that is display-technology independent. This specification enables all segments of the PC industry to unite around one monitor interface specification.

The N5394A automatically configures the oscilloscope for each test, provides connection information and generates a results report. The report, which includes margin analysis, shows design engineers how close their product is to passing or failing a particular specification.

The depth of the analysis reduces the skill level requirements of the operator and eliminates the need to manually configure the oscilloscope and visually interpret individual measurements.

In addition, the margin analysis report shows how closely devices passed or failed each test. This analysis, coupled with a debug mode that lets operators modify the default test parameters, helps engineers analyse potential problems and provides immediate insight into yields.

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