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article image Agilent’s new arbitrary waveform generator.

AGILENT has introduced new test and measurement products for the aerospace industry focused on providing the best performance while meeting development schedules and budgets.

Wide bandwidth and high resolution are key performance requirements for most aerospace/defense systems.

For example, ground objects, rain, clouds and sea reflections can clutter radar echo, minimising the effectiveness of the radar system.

To simulate such complex real-world scenarios, wideband arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs) are commonly used in testing receiver and transmitter chains. The AWG must accurately produce these signals to correctly test the radar receiver's processing chain.

Similarly, the wideband AWG must product clean, baseband signals to help evaluate the radar transmitters' up-conversion blocks.

Until now, AWGs offered either wide bandwidth or wide dynamic range. Agilent's new N6030A arbitrary waveform generator, however, is the industry's first AWG to do both simultaneously.

This ability provides the widest combination of bandwidth and dynamic range commercially available, helping engineers create realistic wideband signals for the design and test of advanced radar, satellite and emerging communications systems.

Also for engineers in the aerospace/defense industry, Agilent has introduced the industry's lowest-cost, highest-performance alternative to modular test and measurement architectures.

The Agilent 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit offers the broadest range of functionality at a price up to 40 percent less than comparable platforms, providing engineers the flexibility needed to create accurate test systems suited to their needs and budgets.

To help minimise test costs and time, the Agilent 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit:

* Supports industry standards for simple connection to a PC, other system-ready instruments, or a network for access across a workgroup.

* Provides a graphical web interface to remotely access and control the instrument.

* Allows engineers to use standard, off-the-shelf shielded cables to easily connect test signals from the instrument to the device under test.

While the Agilent multifunction switch/measure module is well suited for aerospace/defense applications, it provides the same benefits in such areas as the automotive, medical, computer and consumer electronics markets.

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