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Connectorless logic analyser probes

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AGILENT Technologies ’ Pro series soft touch, connectorless logic analyser probe interface has been adopted as the industry standard.

The standard interface is an array of probe pads arranged in a common footprint that can be probed by equipment from multiple vendors. Engineers can use connectorless probing without having to choose between competing interfaces.

The probes have a 30% smaller footprint than the original soft touch probes. They use the same micro spring-pin technology as previous models, with a four-point crown tip that can pierce any contamination on the board and provide redundant contact to maximize reliability. The top-mount retention module accommodates varying printed circuit board thicknesses. The probes are compatible with lead-free finishes such as organic-coated copper and other frequently used finishes including gold, silver and hot-air surface level.

The probes enable a direct connection from the probe to targets on a printed circuit board without the use of a connector. This reduces capacitive loading and minimises the effect of the probe on system performance. This is an important consideration for engineers developing products using high-speed technologies such as double data rate (DDR) and PCI Express. Eliminating the need to place a connector on the target, regardless of the speed of the signals being measured, simplifies the validation of designs that are tight on space or that require minimal disruption of signal routing.

The E5404A soft touch probe measures single-ended data and clocks, and can be used with any Agilent logic analyser with a 40-pin cable connector. The E5405A probe supports differential data and clocks and the E5406A supports single-ended data and differential clocks. Both probes can be used with any Agilent logic analyser with a 90-pin cable connector.

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