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Breakthrough in jitter measurement accuracy

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article image Agilent’s clock recovery module.

AGILENT Technologies has introduced the 83496A multi-rate optical/electrical clock recovery module for the Agilent 86100C Infiniium digital communications analyser (DCA-J).

The single, plug-in module performs clock extraction for waveform analysis with continuous, unbanded tuning from 50Mb/s to 13.5Gb/s, ultra-low residual jitter and Golden PLL (phase locked loop) operation.

Now optical and electrical component and system designers in high-speed digital communications can achieve higher measurement accuracy and increased performance margins in industry-standard compliance testing.

In today's competitive environment, it is critical to avoid obscuring true product performance caused by inadequate instrumentation. The 83496A is not only a tool to extract a timing reference, but an essential element in a compliant test system.

With the widest range of telecom/datacom transmission rates and lowest intrinsic jitter in the industry, the 83496A will provide the necessary test-system flexibility as new rates emerge.

The 83496A was developed in close collaboration with Agilent Labs -- Agilent's central research organisation -- and Agilent's test and measurement business. It is the industry's first clock recovery module with the necessary accuracy for high-speed waveform analysis at any data rate.

Its continuously adjustable loop bandwidth from 30kHz to 6MHz makes the 83496A suitable for jitter compliance tests across a wide range of industry standards.

The 83496A can function as a Golden PLL by setting the loop bandwidth to the exact value required for any data rate within its operating range, making it a key component for standards-compliant jitter tests.

Its ultra-low jitter performance removes the limitations of traditional test equipment, allowing designers to measure the true jitter of devices.

The Agilent 83496A clock recovery module sets new standards for flexibility, precision and accuracy:

* Continuous unbanded tuning from 50 Mb/s to 13.5 Gb/s (and any rate in between) provides ultimate flexibility and value in one plug-in module.

* Less than 300 femtoseconds rms jitter results in negligible residual jitter of the output clock and precise measurements of very low levels of signal jitter.

* Tunable loop bandwidth from 30kHz to 6MHz allows configuration as a Golden PLL with optimal loop bandwidth for accurate, industry-standard compliance testing.

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