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Agilent integrates Xilinx verification software

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Agilent Technologies has integrated Xilinx’ ChipScope Pro FPGA verification software into its test equipment hardware to assist with the in-circuit design of Xilinx FPGAs.

The new solution fuses Xilinx ChipScope Pro with Agilent’s trace core and trace port analyser to allow design engineers to shorten the debugging time for in-circuit designs, according to Agilent Design Verification Unit general manager Ron Nersesian.

“New system applications now being developed and implemented in Xilinx FPGAs have driven demand for more advanced debug and verification methods,” Nersesian said.

“Agilent has worked closely with Xilinx to provide our customers with robust tools for in-circuit debug that offer the best of both worlds – external logic analysis from Agilent and internal FPGA access and visibility via ChipScope Pro tool from Xilinx.”

The ChipScope Pro tool is an optional software tool that integrates directly to the Xilinx ISE version 5.1i release.

ChipScope Pro cores are integrated into the FPGA to provide real-time debug and verification capabilities via a standard JTAG port.

The Agilent FPGA trace port analyser is a LAN-based cable providing high-performance access to the FPGA for configuration, and is also equipped with deep trace storage.

The Agilent trace core can be integrated into an FPGA design in the same way ChipScope Pro cores are integrated, using the ChipScope Pro COREGenerator tool or directly into the design netlist via the core Inserter.

The trace core ships standard with each license of ChipScope Pro (US$695) while the FPGA trace port analyser is priced at US$6,995.

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