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AGILENT Technologies has announced the availability of GENESYS 2005, a new release of its popular RF and microwave design software. The release includes a new time-domain simulator, frequency planner, mixer synthesis tool, and revamped user interface, that help speed circuit simulation and wireless communications design.

To coincide with the release, Agilent will be holding a series of free, half-day EDA software seminars, Australia-wide, from March 13 to 17.

"GENESYS 2005 is a major platform release because we have added new products, such as CAYENNE, WhatIF and a new MIXER synthesis module, while also enhancing virtually every tool in the design suite," said Joe Civello, platform manager with Agilent's EEsof EDA division.

"We know from recent beta testing that designers appreciate the enhancements that make design with GENESYS faster and easier. This release from the Eagleware product line broadens our range of offerings and gives designers compelling reasons to choose Agilent as their EDA partner."

GENESYS is a single, integrated electronic design automation (EDA) environment for RF and microwave applications. Separately-priced additional modules include the following:

* CAYENNE, a SPICE-like time domain simulator that contains unique innovations such as direct use of S-parameter data, a faster hybrid frequency/time mode, selectable trade-offs between accuracy and simulation time, and electromagnetic co-simulation, including the use of lumped elements.

* WhatIF, a frequency planning tool that uses a new simulation technique that helps select spur-free intermediate frequencies (IF) for radio designs. WhatIF analyzes all of the spurs within a given frequency range (based on the characteristics of the mixers to be used in the design), the RF frequencies and bandwidths of the radio system, and the desired IF bandwidth.

* MIXER, a new mixer synthesis module for design and analysis of mixer configurations using a variety of built-in topologies as starting points.

GENESYS 2005 incorporates numerous user interface enhancements, including:

* Datasets that provide a view of simulation results and permit easy comparisons among simulation runs.

* Enhancements to the equations capabilities that include structured programming constructs, such as while loops and multi-line, if-then-else statements.

* Scripting capabilities that extend support for all design elements.

For more information regarding seminar dates and locations, please contact tassia_gourtzis@agilent.com or call 03 9210 5963.

To learn more about the new simulation breakthroughs and other enhancements to the GENESYS 2005 release, visit www.agilent.com/find/eesof-genesys2005-demo and watch a 10-minute video.

More information about Agilent's EDA solutions is available at www.agilent.com/find/eesof.

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