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Agilent boosts optocoupler speeds

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Agilent Technologies has unveiled new high-speed optocouplers with two nanosecond pulse width distortion and capable of transmitting data at 50 megabauds (MBds).

Optocouplers separate and protect sensitive circuitry to allow safe interface between high and low voltages in electronic systems.

Because the new HCPL-7723/0723 optocouplers offer a 2 nanosecond (ns) pulse width distortion, a performance breakthrough is achieved that helps maintain a high data rate over longer line distances, according to Agilent’s Isolation Products Division general manager Chong Tze Siong.

"Agilent's new high-speed devices allow effective high-speed data collection and control in industrial automation applications where isolation is required," Siong said.

Field bus communication networks such as PROFIBUS and DeviceNet make possible effective data collection and control in industrial automation.

These networks, interconnecting sensors, actuators and controllers typically need isolation at each interface location to increase data integrity and provide protection from power faults and ground loop effects.

As these communication networks migrate to higher speed data transmission rates, higher speed optocouplers are required.

In addition to communications applications, the optocouplers are also suited to applications such as digital isolation for analogue-to-digital conversion, digital I/O ports, computer peripheral interfaces and microprocessor system interfaces.

In terms of build, the optocouplers combine a CMOS LED driver IC, high-speed LED and CMOS detector IC into a single package.

A CMOS logic input signal controls the LED driver IC, which supplies current to the LED.

The detector IC incorporates an integrated photodiode, a high-speed transimpedance amplifier, and a voltage comparator with an output driver.

Both optocouplers are available worldwide immediately.

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