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Agilent Technologies to conduct RF measurement fundamentals seminars

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Agilent Technologies  will be hosting a series of RF measurement fundamentals seminars.

Technicians and engineers working with RF and microwave technologies in applications such as communications, broadcast, defence, biomedical, transport, monitoring and automation can attend.

Reasons to attend:

This time efficient seminar will provide an introduction and update on measurement considerations and practical tips for better measurements when using a wide range of instruments including spectrum analysers, signal generators, RF power meters and network analysers.

The seminar will highlight the key measurement fundamentals and considerations and provide an opportunity to discuss your measurement challenges with two experienced application engineers.

Full hand-outs will be provided and a range of Back-to-Basics CD-ROMs containing tutorials and video demonstrations of measurements will be available.

Agilent has introduced many new low cost RF instruments in the last several months focused on installation, maintenance and repair applications.

RF measurement fundamentals:

In half a day you will learn about signal generators, RF power meters, spectrum analysers, network analysers and RF EDA software.

RF/microwave connector care:

This short presentation will describe the fundamentals of connectors and the principles of connector care. Discussions will be on the steps involved in visually inspecting and how to mechanically inspect commonly used connector types.

Vector network analysis:

Learn what kind of measurements is made with network analysers, and how they allow you to characterise both linear and nonlinear behaviour of devices.

Transmission lines, Smith Charts and the concepts of reflection, transmission and S-parameters will be outlined. Error modelling and various calibration techniques will then be presented. Finally,some typical swept-frequency and swept-power measurements commonly performed on filters and amplifiers will be described.

Electronic design automation:

A short paper outlining new capabilities in EDA software, updates to the Genesys and System- Vue design tools, 3DEM with electromagnetic design system (EMDS) and antenna modelling design system (AMDS) will be highlighted.

Signal analysis:

Learn why spectrum analysis is important and how to measure system and device performance using a spectrum analyser.

The theory of operation and major components inside the analyser will be briefly discussed. Next, you will learn the spectrum analyser specifications that are important for your application.

Finally, features of a spectrum analyser that make it more effective in making measurements will be introduced.

RF power measurement:

This presentation will highlight the importance of and three basic types of power measurement. Details will include power meter / sensor measurement method and calculation of measurement uncertainties.

Finally, you will learn the measurements used for the new RF and microwave applications.

Signal generation:

This presentation will outline the basics on the signals required to test a variety of products from amplifiers to highly secure communication systems.

A review will be on the basics of signal generators and the applications where signal generators are used.

Block diagrams will be reviewed where appropriate and signal generator specifications will also be discussed.

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