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Agilent Technologies ships Genesys 2007 EDA software

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Agilent Technologies has shipped Genesys 2007, the next major release of its Genesys electronic design automation (EDA) software.

Genesys 2007 features LiveReport, a new design capability that streamlines the user interface and automates the documentation process for easy communication and reuse for RF and microwave component and subsystem designers.

LiveReport helps designers overcome the complexities of working with large, multi-design projects.

It captures living views of schematics, layouts, graphs and equations onto a single interactive document.

Clicking on any image on a LiveReport page allows the designer to modify schematics, change markers and plots, and zoom layouts from a dashboard-like interface.

When the design is complete, the LiveReport page can be printed at high resolution or cut and pasted into Microsoft Windows(tm) applications.

A print preview function offers complete control over the appearance of the report, the answer to a much-requested enhancement to the Genesys package.

According to Agilent Technologies, Genesys 2007 interface is a product of customer requests.

The result is a simpler working model that helps user get work done faster. While there is plenty of technical contribution to Genesys 2007, longtime Genesys users will see this as a milestone release.

The long-term architectural investments are finally paying off, making Genesys a streamlined, exciting platform.

Genesys 2007 contains a number of simulator enhancements, including:

17 new nonlinear device models that enable RF power amplifier design, microwave downconverters, high-speed analogue and wireline applications;

improved phase noise in the harmonic balance simulator and an enhancement to Spectrasys to predict the RF system noise effects of phase-locking many local oscillators to a common, coherent frequency reference; these enable high-performance receiver architectures with breakthrough sensitivity and throughput; and

New sources, measurements and defined paths in Spectrasys, which characterise large-signal distortion in complex architectures under sophisticated, multi-format signal conditions with interferers.

Dozens of new toolbar buttons and right-click operations simplify complex tasks down to single button-clicks, saving time and making Genesys 2007 faster than ever.

Implemented suggestions from users include common tasks such as on-screen parameter editing, saving parts to a custom library, deactivating components and turning off window visibility to maximise the working schematic area.

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