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Agilent Technologies launches new parameter extraction solution

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Agilent Technologies  has launched a new parameter extraction solution for high voltage (HV) complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) devices used in a range of automotive and consumer products, as well as LCD and display driver applications.

The HVMOS extraction package, for use with Agilent's Integrated Circuit Characterisation and Analysis Program (IC-CAP) software platform, enables engineers to model HV CMOS devices using Synopsys' HSPICE simulator, HVMOS Level 66 compact model.

Implemented as a compact model in HSPICE, HVMOS Level 66 compact model has good speed and convergence.

The HVMOS model includes all relevant physical effects unique to high-voltage operation, including symmetric and asymmetric source and drain resistances, quasi-saturation, transconductance fall off at high-gate voltage, and self-heating effects.

As a result, it allows HV CMOS devices to be modelled with unparalleled DC and capacitance modelling accuracy and simulation speed. HVMOS models are used by both analogue and digital designers during circuit simulation.

With its advanced optimisation, tuning and graphical features, Agilent IC-CAP now provides perfect software environment for extracting the Level 66 model.

An improved link from IC-CAP to Synopsys' HSPICE simulator facilitates the efficient extraction of the HVMOS model using an optimized sequence of dedicated extraction steps.

"The advanced HVMOS model is another example of how HSPICE continues to deliver innovation for the most accurate simulation solution for complex IC designs," said Paul Lo, senior vice president of Synopsys' Analogue Mixed Signal Group.

"By collaborating with Agilent on this HVMOS package for its model parameter extraction tool, we enable HSPICE customers to quickly deploy the leading edge of HVMOS model with superior accuracy and usability."

"For the past several months we have actively supported Synopsys' device-modelling team in its efforts to extend IC-CAP software for this important application. Thanks to these efforts, device-modelling engineers using HSPICE have access to HSPICE models that are supported by industry-standard device-modelling tools."

In addition to its collaboration with Synopsys, Agilent recently opened a dedicated R&D device-modelling centre in China. Both efforts reinforce Agilent's commitment to continue to provide a complete modelling solution to CMOS modelling engineers.

About IC-CAP software:

Agilent IC-CAP software is a device-modelling program that delivers powerful characterisation and analysis capabilities for today's semiconductor modelling processes.

Providing efficient and accurate extraction of active device and circuit model parameters, IC-CAP performs numerous modelling tasks including instrument control, data acquisition, graphical analysis, simulation, optimisation, and statistical analysis.

IC-CAP software is used by semiconductor foundries and design houses to characterise foundry processes.

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