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Agilent Technologies launches 5000 Series Oscilloscopes

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Agilent Technologies has launched six oscilloscopes that break the paradigm of portable instrumentation.

With 1 Mpts deep memory, the new 5000 Series oscilloscopes merge high-resolution, lab-quality waveform acquisition and measurement capability with a lightweight, portable frame.

The high-resolution measurements, taken with larger, expensive instrumentation, can be taken wherever they are needed -- either in the field or at the bench.

The DSOs are ideal for engineers working in a broad array of industries, including the computer, communications, consumer electronics and aerospace/defence markets.

Agilent Technologies' portable deep-memory oscilloscopes allow engineers to discover the root of debug issues notably faster.

Architected to achieve a 100,000 wfms/s acquisition rate, more than 25 times faster, the 5000 Series offers glitch-capture capability.

A high-definition XGA display system, which displays signals in 256 levels of intensity grading, highlights varying degrees of signal activity, which provides an unrivalled ability to view signal anomalies as they occur.

According to Agilent's Design Validation Division, Engineers need tools capable of handling today's complex design challenges.

The new 5000 Series oscilloscopes tackle these needs head-on with their deep memory, high-definition display system, and ability to capture signal transients. This delivers on two things engineers care about: catching design bugs before they get to their customers and increasing their own productivity.

To further enhance the customer experience, the Agilent 5000 Series oscilloscopes also integrate a full suite of connectivity standards, including front- and back-panel USB ports, GPIB, LAN and XGA-out.

According to Agilent's Network and Digital Solutions Business Unit, the general-purpose portable scopes market segment has seen little innovation over the last eight years.

Agilent's innovations in high-performance and mixed signal oscilloscopes have made it a growing oscilloscope vendor for six years in a row. The paradigm-busting 5000 Series brings needed innovations to the mass market and opens up new growth opportunities for Agilent.

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