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Agilent Technologies launch education kits for undergraduate engineering courses

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Agilent Technologies  have introduced a new range of integrated curriculum-based solution kits for educators teaching engineering and electronics classes. Each cost-effective solution has carefully designed undergraduate engineering courseware, a good mix of teaching slide sets, problem-based student labs and industry-standard measurement equipment. The education kits have been designed with an aim of improving the teaching curriculum.

The Agilent Multi-purpose Lab Station (MPLS) is a complete curriculum-based solution targeted at those learning and teaching basic electronics and instrumentation. Included are key instruments such as oscilloscope, function generator, power supply and multimeter, and a training kit that contains exercises and pre-written labs to help students understand the fundamentals of these systems. Whether for a basic electronics lab, a control system and instrumentation lab, or a signal analysis lab, the MPLS can be used for conducting experiments and developing customised test systems. Its software capabilities also enable post-processing and analysis of the measured data.

Aimed at educators teaching RF communication classes, the Agilent RF Kit is a complete curriculum-based solution kit that comes with a set of equipment, transmit/receive training kit and teaching tools. This integrated solution kit will aid students' learning with the use of RF circuit design concepts and RF design tools for simulation and building of RF circuits, as well as enable them to understand the basics of communication technologies.

Well-suited for educators and students to simulate and analyse communication signals, the Agilent Digital IQ Modulation Lab Station enables users to capture and view I/Q signals in time domain, and analyse and demodulate baseband and RF signals. The kit has software for automatic configuration and generation of signals. Its versatility and ease of use allow for easy generation, accurate measurement and complete analysis of complex digitally modulated formats. The kit is designed to help students understand, learn and develop practical experience in Agilent hardware and software.

The Digital Systems Training Kit is designed to help students better understand key concepts in Digital Systems classrooms such as the fundamentals of digital logic, digital building block designs, and digital system design methodology. Using Agilent's high-performance oscilloscope, Altera's FPGA Development and Education Board, and customised DreamCatcher teaching material consisting of hands-on lab experiments and assignments, the Digital Systems Training Kit is designed to promote better teacher-student interaction.

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