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Agilent Technologies introduces ultra-wideband vector signal analyzer

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a measurement system optimised for analysing modulated wideband communications signals that require wide-bandwidth signal analysis, going beyond the capabilities of traditional spectrum analyser-based analysis approaches.

The new Agilent VSA80000A ultra-wideband (UWB) vector signal analyser (VSA) system makes precise, accurate measurements for signal bandwidths up to 13 GHz. Agilent VSA80000A is ideal for engineers working on UWB designs who need to run key compliance-based tests or troubleshoot and debug their systems.

UWB technology is enabling the move from hard-wired USB (universal serial bus) computer peripherals to wireless USB, and Agilent VSA80000A offers users greater flexibility. Originally used in aerospace/defense applications such as wideband radar and satellite communications, UWB technology is being adopted for commercial solutions for short-distance communications and networking.

New applications include WiMedia-based multi-band OFDM (orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing) ultra-wideband physical-layer signals, such as those in the Certified Wireless USB standard.

UWB technology is quite different from the cellular and wireless networking standards employed today, which rely on a narrowband frequency spectrum to transmit and receive data.

A traditional spectrum analyser is optimal for testing designs in these applications, since it provides a dynamic range of more than 80 dB in the 80-MHz or narrower spectrum required to validate performance. In UWB systems, data is transmitted over a broad frequency range with more limited amplitude range.

An oscilloscope is optimal for testing designs in these situations, as it provides a large analysis bandwidth (up to 13 GHz) with spurious-free dynamic range greater than or equal to 40 dB.

Agilent's VSA80000A UWB VSA is built around Agilent Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes, which acquire signal bandwidths up to 13 GHz, and the Agilent 89601A vector signal analysis software, which measures and analyses the modulated signals.

The 89600 VSA software is a tool for developing and troubleshooting new and emerging technologies like ultra-wideband technology.

The VSA software:

Offers a rich set of flexible and powerful measurements and displays, including advanced demodulation measurements;

Runs directly on the oscilloscope's internal PC and displays analysis results on the oscilloscope screen; and

Acquires and analyses signals with a narrowband spectrum analyzer or wideband oscilloscope, making it invaluable for engineers working with modulated signals.

Agilent's Infiniium real-time oscilloscopes capture the complete UWB burst all at once -- up to 13 GHz.

In addition:

The VSA80000A 1-GHz-bandwidth model offers 4 gigasamples/second (GSa/s) data rate, 128 Mpts memory length (32 microseconds), and four analog channels; and

The VSA80000A 2- to 13-GHz-bandwidth models offer 40 GSa/s data rate, 64 Mpts memory length (50 microseconds), four analogue channels and low noise floor of any high-frequency oscilloscope available.

Both oscilloscope series offer spurious-free dynamic range greater than 40 dB. Engineers can use the oscilloscope to make coaxial measurements, or use the industry-leading InfiniiMax probing system for active differential measurements to 13 GHz in multiple formats.

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