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Agilent Technologies introduces series of broadband microwave test accessories

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a series of first-to-market, broadband microwave test accessories specifically optimised for communications and aerospace/defense applications. The innovations embedded in this industry-leading series provide broadband capability and enhanced measurement accuracy, which significantly expand the test and measurement capabilities in the communications and aerospace/defense industries.

Agilent's new series of microwave test accessories is comprised of a 67 GHz DC block, a 67 GHz fixed attenuator, a 50 GHz power limiter, and 50 GHz absorptive PIN diode SPDT and SP4T solid state switches. The N9398G DC Block provides good RF performance up to 67GHz with greater than 15 dB return loss, 1 dB insertion loss and good temperature stability. This increases measurement accuracy, while suppressing DC signals that can often times damage test instrumentation.

Agilent 8490G precision fixed attenuator exhibits good attenuation accuracy and a low standing-wave-ratio of 1.45 GHz up to 67GHz. Agilent 8490G precision fixed attenuator comes with six attenuation options: 3, 6, 10, 20, 30 and 40 dB.

Agilent N9355F power limiter provides industry-leading broadband input protection from excess RF power, DC transients, electrostatic discharge and accidental power overloads for a variety of RF and microwave instruments and components. Agilent N9355F power limiter has an integrated DC block at both input and output ports to block signals below 10 MHz and pass signals up to 50 GHz.

Agilent's 50GHz SPDT and SP4T solid state switches are characterised by high port-to-port isolation (above 90 dB) and a fast switching speed of less than 1 microsecond. Agilent's 50GHz SPDT and SP4T solid state switches are ideal for applications in communication, radar and antenna test systems that require high-speed microwave switching up to 50GHz. Additionally, the absorptive characteristic of these switches provides good impedance matching, which increases measurement accuracy.

According to Agilent, as an industry leader and innovator in test and measurement solutions, Agilent is committed to fulfilling the need for the best RF performance across a wide frequency range. That commitment is demonstrated as Agilent introduces the first-to-market test accessories, which will be key to ensuring today's engineers have the solutions they need to create the communications and aerospace/defense applications of tomorrow.

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