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Agilent Technologies introduces new Network tester

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Agilent Technologies has introduced new high-performance, high-port density model of its Network tester layer 4-7. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers can use the Agilent Network tester to validate the real-world performance and scalability of network infrastructure equipment and ensure the security and availability of network services.

This next-generation tester delivers high traffic-generation capacity and a unique protocol breadth, enabling realistic and cost-effective security, performance and stress testing in modern networks.

Today, equipment manufacturers and service providers must use real application traffic in mixes and volumes representative of live networks to measure the performance and scalability of a modern application-aware network, device or system.

Generating high volumes of realistic application traffic and modelling real-world network conditions in test-lab environments is a challenging and complex task that often requires walls of hardware running different test applications.

Agilent's Network tester covers broad range of natively supported network protocols and offers unprecedented performance. This allows users to simulate millions of real network clients while executing realistic application transactions at a scale sufficient to saturate even the powerful modern network devices.

This capability, coupled with the ability to generate network attacks, malicious exploits and traffic impairments, makes Network tester the reliable and cost-effective solution for validating performance limitations.

Features include:

  • More than 21 natively supported data, voice and video application protocols for testing realism
  • Four network access protocols, including IPSec, PPPoE, DHCP and VLANs for realistic subscriber simulation
  • Integrated DoS attacks, network exploits, traffic impairments and virus/worm simulations for security and stress testing and
  • Intelligent and stateful capture/replay for testing of proprietary network applications

The new Agilent N4192A Network tester has been successfully deployed at a number of Agilent customer labs worldwide, replacing walls of difficult-to-manage equipment and providing fast, reliable insight into device and network real-world security and performance characteristics.

"Network Tester's real-world test capabilities combined with its high traffic-generation capacity helps us assure that our NetSensory application performance-management appliances can auto-discover, manage and optimise the performance of converged application traffic under conditions of extreme stress typical of customer network environments," said Mark Crane, engineering director of Network Physics.

"We use the loading and traffic impairment features of Network Tester to validate our products' resilience to high levels of sophisticated network traffic, security configurations, and variety of malicious exploits encountered in modern networks."

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