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Agilent Technologies introduces in-circuit test system

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Agilent Technologies has introduced a low-cost in-circuit test system for original design manufacturers who need just enough test.

The new system provides a cost-effective means to achieve the highest confidence in testing high-volume digital consumer and personal computer motherboards.

Unlike manufacturing defects analyser (MDA) test systems and other in-circuit test (ICT) systems that employ older-generation TestJet technology pioneered by Agilent, Medalist i1000 offers the cutting-edge Agilent VTEP v2.0 vectorless test suite.

VTEP v2.0 comprises the award-winning iVTEP and the new network parameter measurement technology, offering unparalleled coverage of micro ball grid arrays and flip chips, as well as power and ground pins for connectors commonly found in digital consumer products and desktop PCs.

Compatible with many MDA fixtures, the Agilent Medalist i1000 provides investment protection for manufacturers who wish to upgrade their existing MDAs to obtain greater test capabilities.

A user-friendly graphical user interface ensures that the system is easy to operate.

An AutoDebug feature slashes debugging time from days to a few hours, speeding time-to-market and boosting profitability for manufacturers.

The Agilent Medalist i1000 also comes with an automatic node-guarding feature that eliminates the need for manual checks of schematics for guard points.

The Medalist i1000 offers users two fixture options. The first provides users with an affordable option that accepts a typical MDA-type fixture with cable connections.

The second employs a vacuum-type fixture and a mechanical fixture lock-down system using electrical motors. This cable-less design provides fast fixture-swapping time while maintaining high signal integrity.

According to Agilent Technologies, current test strategies employed for MDAs are being challenged by the increasing complexity of today's electronic boards.

The Medalist i1000 couples cost-effectiveness with advanced test features, making it a unique, affordable solution that can help manufacturers boost productivity with its ease-of-use and extensive defect-coverage capabilities.

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