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Agilent Technologies introduces digital signal analyser optimized for serial-data-based designs

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has released an oscilloscope measurement system with specialised tools for designing, debugging and validating designs that include high-data-rate serial buses. The new Agilent DSA80000B digital signal analyser (DSA) system offers low noise floor, jitter-measurement floor and trigger jitter, and flat frequency response, making it possible for engineers to gather more accurate data about the low-voltage differential signals in their designs. The DSA80000B DSA is ideal for engineers working in the communications, data storage, computer, aerospace/defense and consumer electronics industries.

Agilent's DSA80000B DSA is built around an Infiniium DSO80000B Series oscilloscope and the InfiniiMax probing system, which provide critical capabilities for achieving accurate and repeatable measurements. The oscilloscope and probe capabilities are augmented with high-speed serial data analysis and EZJIT Plus jitter-analysis software to give designers additional capabilities for designing, debugging and validating their serial-data-based designs.

The high-speed serial data analysis software provides designers with a fast and easy way to pinpoint signal integrity problems and validate performance for serial interface designs. The high-speed serial data analysis software allows designers to perform mask testing, characterize serial data streams that employ embedded clocks, and decode 8b/10b data from serial data streams. The software also enables designers to verify compliance to computer, communications and data-communications standards such as PCI Express, serial ATA (SATA), serial attached SCSI (SAS), Fibre Channel (FC), XAUI and Gigabit Ethernet.

With the faster edge speeds and shrinking data-valid windows in today's high-speed digital designs, insight into the causes of signal jitter is critical for ensuring the reliability of designs. The EZJIT Plus jitter-analysis software helps designers identify and quantify jitter components. Time correlation of jitter to the real-time signal makes it easy to trace jitter components to their sources.

The DSA80000B DSA's superior signal integrity capabilities come from Agilent's RF design experience, proprietary packaging technologies and CMOS ADC architecture. Superior signal integrity helps engineers maximize design margins because they do not waste measurement accuracy due to poor noise, jitter or frequency response of the oscilloscope or probing system.

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