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Agilent Technologies introduces W1314A measurement receiver

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced a fast measurement receiver, with 10 times the performance of its existing platform. Agilent W1314A receiver enables RF engineering teams to optimise and troubleshoot UMTS and GSM networks and quickly identify the cause of problems. The platform has options to support GSM, UMTS, IS95, cdma2000, 1xEVDO and iDEN technologies.

As hardware and operational budgets are squeezed from every angle, it is important to maximise the efficiency of drive test teams by providing them with reliable equipment that allows them to quickly and accurately collect RF measurement data. The new receiver integrates with the industry-leading Agilent E6474A network optimisation software to provide a core of RF coverage data, technology-specific interference and optimisation measurements.

Benefits of the W1314A receiver include:

  • Support of up to four frequency bands with both uplink and downlink configurations, which allows multiband and multitechnology networks to be monitored with a single compact solution;
  • Small form factor and rugged casing, which makes the solution easily portable and able to withstand the rough environment of field-based testing; and
  • A built-in 12-channel GPS and 4-port USB hub, providing maximum measurement flexibility with minimum hardware.

According to Agilent, faced with the increasing challenges of maintaining today’s multiband wireless networks, operators expect high performance and increased flexibility from their test equipment. Agilent’s new W1314A receiver platform addresses these needs head-on, providing the measurement performance and breadth of capability required to be effective.

The new Agilent W1314A receiver platform supports all major wireless technologies and provides a core of general-purpose RF measurement tools as well as specialised measurements for each technology.

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