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Agilent Technologies introduces USB modular instruments

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article image U2700A family of USB modular instruments

Agilent Technologies  has introduced a family of USB-based instruments designed for flexible configurations, quick setup, and affordability in electronic functional test and troubleshooting applications.

The compact Agilent U2700A family includes oscilloscopes, function generator, source/measure unit and switch matrix in a versatile form factor that enables space-saving solutions.

The feature of the U2700A family is its standalone/modular operation. Each device can be used as a standalone instrument, or mounted in a compatible chassis with other modules.

In modular operations, the chassis enables synchronisation of all slotted modules through master/slave triggering capabilities, even across modules with different functions (excluding the switch matrix). Because modules can be easily added for future system expansion, start-up costs are low.

"In today's challenging industrial and education markets, affordable value-added instruments provide a meaningful cost advantage," said Ee Huei-Sin, Vice President of Agilent's Basic Instruments Division.

"Our family of USB-based modular instruments offers the flexibility to arrange and rearrange configurations to fit changing measurement needs -- easily, quickly and affordably."

The bundled Agilent Modular Instruments Measurement Manager software provides user-friendly out-of-box configuration with its graphical interface and easily accessible functions, providing measurements without programming.

Bundled IVI drivers allow users to program with Agilent VEE, C#, C++ and Microsoft Visual Basic, LabVIEW, if they wish.

The Agilent U2700A series includes five instruments:

  • The 100-MHz U2701A and 200-MHz U2702A USB modular oscilloscopes, with sampling rates up to 1GSa/s, enhance troubleshooting tasks such as circuit-board power-up sequence, in-rush current and frequency measurements
  • The U2761A 20 MHz USB modular function generator, which produces sine, square, triangular, pulse, ramp, exponential, modulated and arbitrary waveforms for electronic functional testing and electronic troubleshooting
  • The three-channel U2722A USB modular source/measure unit, which offers four-quadrant source and measurement capabilities for parametric tests including test point measurement, current and voltage source/measure, and resistance measurement
  • The U2751A USB modular switch matrix, a four-by-eight, two-wire design with 32 channels that provide additional test points for functional tests. Key specifications include crosstalk of less than -30 dB at 45 MHz and insertion loss of just 4.5 dB (with U2922A terminal block)

The Agilent U2700A USB modular instruments are available now.

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