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Agilent Technologies introduces BenchLink data logger software

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced BenchLink data logger software for its 34980A multifunction switch/measure unit. With this software, engineers can quickly connect to an instrument, identify measurements, and collect and display data in real time.

BenchLink data logger software can also acquire data for design verification and simple automated tests in electronics, automotive, aerospace/defense, medical, communications and computer industries while gaining high-performance data logging that does not require hours of programming.

The Agilent 34826A BenchLink software supports many of the advanced features of the 34980A, including high-speed multiplexer scanning at up to 900 channels per second. Also, with the high-density capabilities, the software can capture up to 560 two-wire multiplexer channels from a single 34980A mainframe.

The 34980A has been a popular product, and now with the new BenchLink software, engineers can be even more productive by quickly setting up and accessing their measurements.

The Agilent 34980A is LXI class C compliant and part of the Agilent Open program. With its 19 plug-in modules, it offers a broad range of functionality with high-performance switching to 20GHz, digital I/O, D/A converters and counter/totalizer capabilities at up to 40 percent less than equivalent systems in VXI or PXI.

The integrated 6.5-digit digital multimeter (DMM) enables measurement signals to be routed directly to the DMM without consuming a slot in the modular platform. With the BenchLink Data Logger software, the 34980A offers a quick and easy way to capture and analyze data without any programming.

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