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Agilent Technologies introduces Agilent Process Control Software

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Agilent Technologies Inc. has introduced the next tool in its campaign to help customers reduce costs and improve production quality, the Agilent Process Control Software. This defect-prevention software package offers manufacturers statistical process control and charting package capabilities designed for operators, technicians and engineers.

With real-time production monitoring tools, the Agilent Process Control Software can be used by the Agilent Medalist SJ50 automated optical inspection (AOI) system and the Medalist SP50 solder paste inspection system for paste, pre- and post-reflow trends and defect analysis. The Agilent Process Control Software provides another opportunity to improve production quality by closing the loop between manufacturing and test interaction.

The Agilent Process Control software can monitor component and paste measurements taken by the Agilent AOI systems and supply users at all levels of the manufacturing process with relative data to help them make more informed decisions, improving the production process.

Some of the highlights include user-defined charting and alarming, historical and live-data analysis, production summary reports, and worst-feature analysis. Historical and live images are embedded into the charts to provide operators and engineers more visibility into what is really happening on the manufacturing line.

According to Agilent, having good defect detection and measurement equipment is the begining in improving product quality and reducing costs. The next step is taking the information and implementing steps to reduce and prevent defects through process control techniques.

The Agilent Process Control Software is the next evolutionary phase for Agilent AOI. Agilent’s goal is to provide its customers with the tools that help lower costs while improving their manufacturing process.

Availability: The Agilent Process Control Software (APCS) has started shipping.

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