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Agilent Technologies introduces Agilent 5400 AFM/SPM system

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Agilent Technologies has introduced the Agilent 5400 AFM/SPM system, a high-precision instrument offering atomic resolution for a variety of research, industry and teaching applications. The Agilent 5400 has easy-to-use features to make it appealing for a broad audience.

The global explosion of nanoscience means that more researchers, engineers and educators need increased access to nanotechnology tools such as atomic force microscopy, according to Agilent Nanomeasurements Division. The Agilent 5400 offers the right balance of performance, versatility, upgradeability and ease-of-use to make it the ideal tool for a wide range of markets.

The Agilent 5400 is a modular system that can be used for applications in materials science, polymers, general surface characterisation and nanolithography. The system also can be easily upgraded to the premier Agilent 5500 AFM/SPM.

Several features of the Agilent 5400 simplify its use. The scanner has quick-install nose cones, resulting in convenient switching of imaging modes; a scanner that snaps into place; open access to the sample plates; and simple alignment of optics. The system's software, PicoView, is a completely new, robust design with streamlined GUIs for intuitive operation.

To increase its appeal as a teaching instrument, Agilent is including undergraduate curriculum materials with each system. The Agilent 5400's performance and versatility, combined with its ease-of-use, underwent beta testing at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, La. The Agilent 5400 proved to be a serious scientific instrument with outstanding resolution, yet has an intuitive and user-friendly software interface. Louisiana State University has seven undergraduates using it this semester.

Agilent's AFM products are part of Agilent's complete nanotechnology portfolio. Agilent's nanotechnology products enable its customers to more easily and precisely explore new ideas and uncover new findings. Nanotechnology is important to Agilent because it is a common denominator between the two principle areas of business: electronic measurement and bio-analytical measurement.

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