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Agilent Technologies introduce the N4374B lightwave component analyser

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Agilent Technologies  have introduced the N4374B LCA (Lightwave Component Analyser), which provides solutions for the CATV or Radio over Fibre electro-optical component tests. The N4374B LCA offers fast calibration and test set-up, saving time for design and manufacturing engineers.

The N4374B LCA, available from Agilent Technologies, is based on their ENA-C series network analysers and offers accurate and traceable electro-optical S-parameter for transmitter and receiver tests. The N4374B LCA provides an alternative to the 8702 LCA manufactured by Agilent Technologies.

The CATV or Radio over Fibre applications are linear optical transmission systems and the performance of the electro-optical components in them contributes to the performance of the overall transmission system. The N4374B LCA from Agilent Technologies enables design engineers to design electro-optical transmitters and receivers with low distortion by offering specified phase accuracy and high-amplitude accuracy.

Agilent Technologies' N4374B LCA offers first-time relative and absolute responsivity specification traceable to international standards and ensures that all test data are comparable worldwide within specified uncertainty, helping R & D and manufacturing engineers to compare and measure test results with two LCAs at different locations.

According to Agilent Technologies, the N4374B lightwave component analyser offers high productivity, fast and easy calibration and test set-up.

The following are the features of the Agilent Technologies N4374B lightwave component analyser:

  • Accurate responsivity test with less than 0.8 dB uncertainty
  • Specified absolute accuracy of absolute responsivity
  • 75 Ohm support with minimum loss pad for CATV applications
  • Specified phase uncertainty
  • Integrated optical average power metre
  • Identical user interface and remote control across all N437x LCA series

The N4374B lightwave component analyser from Agilent Technologies is available with single or dual wavelength options at 1310 nm or 1550 nm.

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