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Agilent Technologies extend the ENA series with the 20 GHz option and E5092A configurable multiport test set

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Agilent Technologies  have announced the addition of the 2/4 port, 20 GHz option to their ENA network analysers, and also the introduction of the E5092A configurable multiport test set. These new products feature RF performance which covers a wide frequency range, fast measurement speed and multiport measurement capability to the ENA network analysers.

They also increase productivity, reduce cost of testing and suit designers and manufacturers of passive components used in consumer-based wireless communications applications. The 20 GHz option from Agilent Technologies extends the 8.5 GHz frequency range of the E5071C ENA series network analyser up to 20 GHz. This option is designed for engineers requiring fast, basic 20-GHz vector network analysis with quality.

The 20 GHz option evaluates a wide range of components, such as the third harmonics of passive components in WLAN, WiMAX(tm), UWB or any 4G technology that uses carrier frequency up to 6 GHz. The 20 GHz option in the ENA network analysers covers a wide frequency range and features fast measurement speed, reducing the production line's cost of test. The 20 GHz option supports 2-port (Opt. 2K5) and 4-port (Opt. 4K5) configurations and can be upgraded to all E5071C port numbers and frequency range options.

Agilent Technologies’ E5092A configurable multiport test set provides an alternative to the existing E5091A solution and is used to evaluate multiport devices for front-end modules in cellular handsets, WLAN devices and other multiport devices, such as SPnT switches, cables/connectors and phased array antennas.

The E5092A configurable multiport test set works with the ENA network analysers to provide frequency coverage up to 20 GHz. The E5092A configurable multiport test set provides 10-port full crossbar measurements or up to 22-port measurements, thereby supporting a number of ports. The flexible measurement configuration accommodates a range of individual test needs.

The E5092A configurable multiport test sets can also be used with the Measurement Wizard Assistant software (E5071C-790) to simplify complex system set-ups and increase measurement productivity. According to Agilent Technologies, the 20 GHz option and E5092A multiport test set enhance multiport test capabilities of the ENA series, delivering measurement solutions to support consumer-based applications in wireless communications.

ENA network analysers, available from Agilent Technologies, offer network analysis solutions, ranging from low-cost, basic S-parameter measurements to advanced multiport and balanced measurements. The standard ENA network analysers, such as the E5071C, expand network analysis with have advanced features, while the low-cost ENA-L analysers, such as the E5061A and E5062A provide basic S-parameter measurements with an integrated 50 or 75 ohm test set.

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