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Agilent Technologies expands USB-based data acquisition family

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Agilent Technologies  has introduced new products to its USB-based data acquisition (DAQ) family of standalone, modular solutions, enabling customers to create more flexible, scalable systems.

The Agilent DAQ family's standalone, modular capability accompanies a wide range of multifunction DAQ and digital input-output devices, providing a convenient expansion of up to 384 channels when used with the Agilent U2781A modular chassis.

With the capability to hold different function modules, the chassis helps users achieve synchronisation across devices and applications.

Whatever the configuration, each DAQ device offers quick, easy setup with USB and its bundled software, allowing users to begin performing measurements in no time. With the included IVI-driver, users can also choose to automate measurement and control with Agilent VEE or any other popular application development environments.

The Agilent USB DAQ family:

  • The Agilent U2500A series simultaneous-sampling multifunction DAQ devices cater to phase-sensitive applications
  • The Agilent U2300A series multifunction DAQ devices offer high sampling rates up to 3 MSa/s per channel for electro-mechanical applications that require electrical and physical measurements
  • Agilent's U2100A and U2600A series isolated digital input-output devices are optimised to work with various sensors and actuators for seamless machine control and automation
  • The Agilent U2781A six-slot modular instrument chassis provides channel expansion for the U2300A, U2500A and U2600A Series modules
  • Agilent's U2802A thermocouple input device works with the U2355A/U2356A DAQ models for temperature measurements

"In almost every industry, demand is rising for solutions that are scalable to expanding systems and evolving needs," said Ee Huei Sin, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Basic Instruments Division.

"Our USB DAQ devices provide not only the flexibility that today's industry demands, but also solutions that are simple, affordable and easily integrated."

Agilent's U2300A series provides a high sampling rate and high analogue input up to 64 channels. Each U2500A series device has a dedicated ADC that eliminates transmission delays, enabling precise acquisition of phase information.

The 64-input U2600A series and 32-input U2100A Series devices provide high input/output voltage up to 35 V, with an isolation voltage of up to 1,500 Vrms. The U2802A thermocouple input device operates with a U2355A or U2356A DAQ device for voltage or temperature measurements up to 10 V. The U2781A chassis provides simultaneous and star trigger bus synchronisation for the modules that have been slotted into it.

The bundled Agilent Modular Instruments Measurement Manager software allows easy out-of-box configuration, acquisition and generation of simple function or arbitrary waveforms. In addition to Agilent VEE, the DAQ devices are compatible with LabVIEW and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Agilent USB DAQ devices are available worldwide now.

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