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Agilent Technologies and ST Microelectronics announce support for GoldenGate RFIC simulation in 65nm design platform

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Agilent Technologies  have announced support for their GoldenGate RFIC simulation, analysis and verification tools as a part of ST Microelectronics'(ST) 65nm design platform. The qualification of GoldenGate for ST Microelectronics 65nm RF technology is a part of a long-term collaboration between the two companies to accelerate customers' RF IP development time.

According to ST Microelectronics, the support of GoldenGate RFIC simulation in their 65nm design platform allows their customers and internal RF designers to use simulation engine for RFIC design and verification. RFICs at advanced process nodes are complex and time to market can be impacted without the right strategy for design and verification.

ST Microelectronics 65nm RF design platform allows designers to develop high- performance system-on-chip products for low-power, wireless, networking, consumer and high-speed applications. It is supported by CAD tools from Agilent Technologies and EDA vendors.

According to Agilent Technologies, the relationship with ST Microelectronics has met milestones for RFIC design in adopting Agilent Technologies EDA platforms and tools for RFIC design, including RF Design Environment and Momentum EM simulator.

Agilent Technologies GoldenGate software is an advanced simulation and analysis solution for integrated mixed signal RFIC designs. Its simulation algorithms are optimised for the demands of complex RFICs and its capacity enables full characterisation of complete transceivers, including parasitics, prior to tape-out.

GoldenGate software includes frequency domain, time domain and mixed-signal simulation technologies to ensure proper device operation, increased manufacturability and reduced design spins. It also includes a suite of automation tools that helps designers launch simulations, quickly analyse circuit performance and diagnose problems with mixed-signal RFICs earlier in the design cycle. GoldenGate software is a part of Agilent Technologies RFIC solution, including Momentum for planar 3-D EM simulation and Ptolemy for standards-based wireless compliance analysis.

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