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Agilent Technologies adds LTE, SAE Technology to real-time signalling analyser

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Agilent Technologies  has extended its signalling analyser real-time platform to include LTE and SAE technology.

For mobile network equipment manufacturers and service providers, the Agilent signalling analyser is a single scalable, distributed, troubleshooting tool that identifies and isolates customer problems in equipment integration test and final system integration as well as in network trials, deployment and optimisation.

This is an integrated high-density, high-performance solution for Gigabit Ethernet analysis on the market for mobile network analysis.

From the physical layer through to service-specific profiling and performance testing, the signalling analyser software platform enables network equipment manufactures to rapidly build, test and deploy new services and technologies for the 3G evolution.

Agilent Technologies’ signalling analyser platform is capable of analysing the mobility signalling procedures, mobile services and streaming media quality from the eNb to the evolved packet core.

From combined call traces to real-time graphical statistics and key performance indicators, Agilent can deliver a solution for emerging technologies.

This platform expansion includes three introductions:

The Agilent J7880A signalling analyser software platform:
It enables passive probing and analysis of LTE network interfaces. From single point monitoring and analysis to a fully distributed test environment, the signalling analyser platform effortlessly scales to meet the dynamic and changing test needs from the lab to operations.

With a powerful combination of distributable hardware pre-processing with scalable software architecture the signalling analyser platform will help to ensure the successful deployment of an integrated LTE/SAE network system.

The Agilent J6860A distributed performance manager:
It offers a systemised approach in analysing protocol problems over extended test periods. The software application integrates Agilent Technologies' quality-of-service manager with the signalling analyser real-time analysis software.

This allows users to identify errors and the root cause of the most critical problems much more quickly, making test engineers more effective and efficient, which saves precious time and money.

More important, network equipment manufacturers can truly support the goal of getting products to market faster and with higher quality.

Capabilities include:

  • Monitoring of long-term tests, set thresholds, alerts to events impacting performance and interoperability and ability to pinpoint errors in seconds
  • Capture and analysis tens of millions of sessions and quick isolation of a single call failure or anomaly with three mouse clicks
  • Extensive key performance indicators calculated for each calls per session, with results aggregated by time, application and subscriber

The Agilent J6804A distributed network analyser high density (DNA-HD):

It provides an ideal hardware capture-and-analysis engine with high testing performance and low cost per port. The DNA-HD simultaneously supports up to 16 gigabit Ethernet interfaces, offering scalability and increased testing flexibility.

It provides Network Time Protocol or GPS type synchronisation, wide user and control plane filtering, line-rate signalling and user plane analysis, and can be managed and configured over the network.

Agilent and 3GPP LTE
While 3GPP LTE has the potential to enhance 3G networks and enable significant new service opportunities, its commercial success requires the early availability of measurement solutions that parallel the standard's development.

Agilent Technologies offers design automation tools and flexible instrumentation for early R&D design in components, base-station equipment and mobile devices.

Agilent Technologies, along with its partners, plans to provide a broad, comprehensive portfolio of solutions that address the entire UE lifecycle -- from early development through production test and deployment.

Using knowledge as members of the standards committees, Agilent Technologies design engineers are developing scalable products with best-in-class measurement techniques.

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