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Agilent Technologies Introduces High Speed Logic Analysers

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article image Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analyser

Agilent Technologies  introduces a range of extremely fast logic analysers featuring an industry-leading state capture speed of 4 Gb/s on 68 channels and 2.5 Gb/s on 136 channels.  

The Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analyser modules are capable of reliably capturing data on eye openings as small as 100 ps by 100 mV.  

Agilent’s logic analysers allow engineers to measure the increasingly fast digital signals used in emerging technologies as well as validate and troubleshoot their designs with confidence.  

The Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analysers, associated probes and powerful analysis software provide essential capabilities for engineers working with DDR memory systems, high-speed application-specific integrated chips, analogue-to-digital converters and field-programmable gate arrays operating at speeds up to 4 Gb/s.  

Timing zoom provides simultaneous state and timing measurements with 80 ps timing resolution and 256 K-sample memory depth.    

Key features of Agilent U4154A AXIe-based logic analysers: 

  • Ideal tool for DDR memory measurement and debug work
  • Exclusive eye-scan capability allows a quick overview of signal integrity on all signals of a DDR system in a fraction of time
  • Enables signal integrity validation in less time for reliable performance
  • Agilent B4622A DDR2/3 protocol-compliance and analysis tool automates measurements on deep DDR bus traces to help engineers quickly identify protocol problem areas
  • Software provides an overview of system performance
  • Broad range of probing solutions compatible with the U4154A, including DDR BGA probes and interposers as well as Agilent soft-touch probes for midbus probing  
  • Compatible with Agilent's M9502A two-slot AXIe chassis
  • Multiple modules can be combined on a single time base and trigger sequencer
  • Multiple modular systems including Agilent 16900 series frames can be combined for time-correlated measurements on multiple buses in a system

Perry Keller, Agilent's representative on the JEDEC DDR committee says that the need for reliable measurements and deep analysis has reached a critical juncture as engineers who focus on high-performance servers and embedded systems begin work on DDR3 2133 systems.  

Ross Nelson, General Manager of Agilent's Digital Debug Solutions product line comments that the introduction of the logic analyser will help their customers continue to innovate as digital bus speeds increase.  

He adds that the new module delivers on the AXIe standard's promise to enable unprecedented performance in an open, modular form factor.

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