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Agilent Technologies Introduces Curriculum-Based Engineering Solutions for University Educators

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Agilent Technologies  has introduced four curriculum-based university-level teaching solutions developed to save educators time and help get the most out of their equipment.

The new curriculum-based engineering solutions cover programming, RF design and telecommunications.

Solutions are already available in basic electronics, RF circuit design, digital systems, analogue electronics, digital signal processing and digital RF communications from Agilent Technologies.

Each of the four teaching solutions is comprised of carefully designed undergraduate engineering courseware with an ideal mix of teaching slide sets, problem-based student labs and industry-standard measurement equipment.

The four curriculum-based teaching solutions include:

The Agilent Electronic Instrumentation and Measurement Teaching Solution

  • Covers electronic instrumentation and measurement techniques
  • Helps students understand an end-to-end measurement system
  • Features various sensors, signal conditioning circuits, op-amp circuits and digital I/Os

The Agilent Embedded Systems Design Teaching Solution

  • Covers 32-bit ARM-based processor system design, programming and applications
  • Consists of an embedded ARM9 development board with various on-board I/O interfaces, allowing students to work on typical ARM-based projects and assignments

The Agilent Antenna & Propagation Teaching Solution

  • Designed specifically for third- and fourth-year electronic engineering undergraduates
  • Course material covers RF design and telecommunications, with an emphasis on telecommunications engineering and antenna design
  • Problem-based assignments are used to enhance simulation and design knowledge in the area of antenna and propagation

The Agilent Microcontroller System Design Teaching Solution

  • Covers microcontroller fundamentals as well as programming language and applications
  • Topics include basic microprocessor and microcontroller technology, microcontroller hardware architecture, operations and typical applications
  • Training kit uses the popular 8051 microcontroller and contains lab exercises on elevator simulator and temperature control 

A complete listing of the solutions as well as a video presentation is available on the Agilent Technologies website.

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