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Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology wins the 17th EDN Innovator/Innovation Awards

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Agilent Technologies has released that its Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology has won the 17th EDN Innovator/Innovation Awards in the Test and Measurement category.

In addition, the co-inventor of the Medalist Bead Probe Technology was named a finalist for the 17th EDN Innovator of the Year award.

EDN serves the information needs of design engineers and engineering managers worldwide. 17th EDN Innovator/Innovation Awards honour the people, products and technologies that have shaped the electronics industry during the past year.

EDN selected the winners and finalists from hundreds of nominees in 17 categories.
According to editorial director for EDN, it is becoming increasingly clear that digital media devices for consumers are driving the tech industry.

The Innovation Award winners in EDN’s 17th annual program reflect that trend with products that enable compelling consumer experience.

According to Agilent Technologies, it is an honour for Agilent Technologies to win 17th EDN Innovator/Innovation Award. Agilent Technologies has been innovations in the in-circuit test arena for more than two decades.

Agilent Technologies continues to strive for breakthroughs to enable high-volume electronic manufacturers solve its new test and inspection challenges.

Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology is a methodology for placing solder beads, or bead probes directly onto printed circuit board (PCB) signal traces.

Agilent Medalist Bead Probe Technology advancement addresses the pressing need for more test accessibility on printed circuit boards at in-circuit test, especially for dense or high-speed PCB designs.

Bead probes reduce manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming rerouting of signal paths during board layout to accommodate traditional test pads.

In addition, test fixtures are less expensive. Manufacturers can implement Agilent Medalist Bead Probe technology using current surface-mount board-manufacturing processes with no additional costs or process steps.

Bead probes also require simpler test fixtures that take less time to build, hence enabling products to get to market faster because design and test departments require less time to negotiate test-pad locations.

Agilent Technologies is helping its customers extend their ICT investments by offering royalty-free licenses to use the Medalist Bead Probe Technology on their Agilent ICT equipment.

Since the official launch of this licensing program in October 2006, there has been interest in this technology from various manufacturing segments across the globe.

Several key Original Equipment Manufacturers have signed up for the royalty-free licenses and are in the process of rolling out products using bead probes as their new test methodology.

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