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Agilent & Anite speed wireless development

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Agilent Technologies and Anite Telecoms have agreed to jointly develop and promote a range of RF protocol and network emulation test solutions to wireless device manufacturers and network operators.

The two companies' first proposed test solution will combine Agilent’s 8960 hardware with Anite's conformance and interoperability test systems. This will give manufacturers a test platform capable of early-design RF and protocol testing to full conformance and interoperability verification.

"With uniform network emulation and protocol test capabilities across the product life cycle, designers of wireless device applications can reliably validate software integration under real-world conditions to accelerate time to market," says Anite director Daniel Oosthuizen. "By working together, Anite and Agilent plan to provide unprecedented test coverage on one test platform that spans the entire development and verification cycle”.

In addition to the planned product development, Agilent has agreed to fulfill existing product service agreements and provide ongoing customer support for Anite's 2G wireless test and measurement platforms.

Separately, Agilent has introduced two new dual-channel 1 GHz oscilloscopes. The new mixed-signal oscilloscope (MSO) and digital storage oscilloscope (DSO) combine advanced measurement features and performance functions to help R&D engineers in the computer, communications, defense and semiconductor industries to simplify and speed the development of new digital products, the company said in a statement.

Key features of the new MSO are the 18 channels and triggering capabilities that enable faster testing and debugging of state-of-the-art technologies than what is possible with traditional four-channel oscilloscopes. For example, technology blocks such as PCI or the SDRAM memory commonly applied in embedded applications require four control lines and the clock to define the mode of operation at any point in time. The new Agilent MSO is able to isolate specific cycles of operation as well as perform real-time waveform monitoring on one instrument, functions that traditional oscilloscopes are unable to do alone.

Based on the Microsoft Windows XP Pro open operating system, both oscilloscopes are also equipped with Agilent's proprietary, deep-memory MegaZoom technology. The 54833D 1 GHz MSO comes with 2 Mpts of deep memory per channel, and the 54833A 1 GHz DSO comes with 500 Kpts of deep memory per channel. Optional memory up to 16 Mpts is available for the 54833D/A models.

MegaZoom enables the capture of long serial data waveforms and instant responses even with the deepest memory, and can quickly zoom-in and search through data without delays. In addition, MegaZoom’s high-speed display minimises missed events or under-sampling of a waveform, and it enables users to avoid time-consuming manual setups, the company added.

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